New Technology Can Help People Speak

Joe Morris’s life changed for the worse back in November 2017. He noticed a spot on his tongue. At first, he thought that he developed the sore after he bit his tongue.

However, he knew that something was wrong when the sore did not heal. He made an appointment with his doctor. The doctor did not think that the sore was serious because Joe was only 31-years-old and a non-smoker. However, he referred Joe to a specialist to make sure. A biopsy revealed that the sore was cancerous.

The doctor informed Joe that he would have to get most of his tongue taken out, which would adversely affect his speech. He started to panic because he feared that no one would be able to understand him. That is why Joe had a friend record him before his surgery. He wanted to have a recording of his voice to remember.

Fortunately, Joe’s friend has some great news for him. The friend got in touch with a company called Vocal ID before the recording was made. This is a company that creates digital voices for people. The company can use people’s voice recordings to recreate his voice on the computer. They will be able to use the voice for the rest of their lives.

Rupal Patel is the founder of Vocal ID. She got in touch with Joe. She stated that Joe’s voice could be digitally-restored if it was recorded before his surgery. Joe agreed to record his voice. He had his surgery the day after he recorded his voice. He became one of the millions of people who could had speech problems.

The custom voice can be used in any type of voice that talks. There is not any extra set up required. It has been a few months since Joe has had his surgery. He has completed several physical therapy sessions. His voice is lower than it was before his surgery. He still prefers to speak with his normal voice. However, he does occasionally use his vocal ID device. He uses the device at his job.