New Watch Invented That’s Powered by Body Heat

There have been many smartwatches that have graced the market over the past few years. These watches are certainly not anything like people have used in the past. A smartwatch is typically capable of doing many things including making calls and checking emails. However, one drawback of the smartwatch is that these devices often need to be charged regularly. One company is aiming to change how people view the smartwatch. Here is more information about the recently invented PowerWatch.

Makers of the PowerWatch have created a device that is powered solely by the body heat of the wearer. This watch is able to utilize thermoelectric generators that harness power in a more efficient manner than comparable energy sources. In addition, the PowerWatch also makes use of boost conversion power and an innovate thermal design to charge the device more efficiently than normal. Many people found out about the PowerWatch through a recently launched fundraising campaign on IndieGogo, where it received an extremely warm welcome. TechCrunch reports that the PowerWatch was able to raise 939 percent of it’s indie fundraising goal this year. The PowerWatch is currently available for $169 USD.

The PowerWatch does have fewer features than competitors including the Apple Watch. However, the PowerWatch does feature the ability to track steps and calories burned through activity. In addition, this watch features a black and white screen which is far different from the full-color display of the Apple Watch. That being said, makers of the PowerWatch are looking to add many innovations for future generations of this new type of smartwatch.

In summary, a new launch has been invented that is powered entirely by body heat. Many smartwatch users are often looking at their devices to find out when these items need to be charged. The PowerWatch utilizes innovative technological features to convert body heat into usable energy. One reason behind the success of this watch happened through the massive amount of fundraising donations it received through IndieGogo. However, this watch will not include many of the features smartwatch users are accustomed to using. The PowerWatch includes the ability to tell time in addition to displaying calorie and step tracking information.