Nintendo Switch Embraces Role as Multiplayer Haven

The Nintendo Switch is quickly gaining steam as one of the most prominent multiplayer hubs of the entire console generation and that comes as a startling surprise to many. While Xbox Live and PlayStation Online has been the dominant force in multiplayer gaming they have been slowly and surely getting outclassed by the creative job done by Nintendo in their efforts to turn the Switch into not just a hub for great gaming, but a place where players can come together and take on each other in a fast paced, easy to use, and fun multiplayer environment. The most shocking surprise of all has bee the recent surge in local multiplayer gaming, a relic long thought to be dead to the gaming world.

Nintendo’s big pitch for the Switch has always been centered around how portable and easy the Switch is to play with your friends, no matter where you go. Reminiscent of the 3DS in certain aspects, the Nintendo Switch has rapidly turned into a real party game for local multiplayer fun. There is something infinitely more exciting about playing with your friends in person rather than being behind a digital wall of communication. The JoyCon controllers are easy to use, flexible, and work pretty ideally for the bulk of Nintendo’s top multiplayer games like ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’. Games like this bring us back to the old days of playing Gamecube or Xbox with a crowd of friends surrounding our televisions and cheering each other on.

Nintendo has been sure to embrace their rocket like surge up the multiplayer ladder by bringing in more high quality, multiplayer games. Among the most anticipated multiplayer titles coming to the Nintendo Switch are ‘Pokken Tournament DX’ as well as ‘Splatoon 2’. ‘Pokken Tournament DX’ is the sequel to the original Pokemon battler and it seeks to push gamers even deeper into their battling stances with new Pokemon, colorful graphics, and a tight controller system. ‘Splatoon 2’ is largely an online sequel to their cult hit that embraces multiplayer functionality in ways that other games need to get in on.

What makes the Nintendo Switch the ultimate multiplayer console is that it brings flexibility to every level of gaming. Whether you want to go online and play your friends or grab your Switch and hop over to a buddies place, the console has your back and the games are genuinely fun and exciting to play.