Nintendo Switch Launches Virtual Console Early

The Nintendo Switch is likely one of the most innovative pieces of gaming technology currently on the market, if you are willing to disregard the virtual reality for the moment. Strong sales and a huge support system of avid gamers has made the Nintendo Switch one of the fastest and best selling consoles that Nintendo has ever released. For the past few months fans have been getting teased about a virtual console to play classic Nintendo games. It turns out that this was not just a tease. The Nintendo Company decided to release the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console early with a date set for September 27th.

The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console will be coming to the Switch with a full library of Nintendo classics. Nintendo has never been afraid to bring back fan favorites and their newest update will hit the nostalgia button pretty hard. Nintendo has selected a variety of classic games to both be remade and simply re-released on the platform. The first game to be released will be the classic ‘Mario Bros’ on 9/27. The following games include ‘Balloon Fight’, ‘Ice Climber’, ‘Pinball’, ‘Punch Out’ and ‘Clu Clu Land’. Each game on this list will be two play capable which will allow gamers to play with each other in person using their Joy-Con remote controls.

Nintendo won’t simply be rehashing old titles either as there seem to be some very big changes among the multiple Virtual games available through the Nintendo Virtual Console. All of these games won’t be classics, either, as Nintendo announced a re-release of classic titles like ‘Doom’, ‘Wolfenstein 2’ and ‘Rocket League’. Nintendo is also working on getting a port of ‘Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ in time for the holiday season.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the face of Nintendo of America and the boss of the branch, said: “We believe our IP is world class.” Fils-Aime went on to say, “As Nintendo looks at the overall online digital experience, there’s a recognition that there’s a lot of work to be world class.” Reggie’s conversation in the conference call last week made it very clear that he and the rest of Nintendo believe in the power of a digital marketplace and that they are going to be working hard to make sure Nintendo can compete at every level with the rest of their big budget competition including the Xbox and the PlayStation consoles that are releasing soon.