Nintendo Switch Seeks to Expand Console Library

Nintendo must have the fountain of youth somewhere in their headquarters because every console release by the legendary company only seems to push further beyond the one that came before it. Nintendo has been enjoying a historic year thanks to the popularity of their Nintendo Switch console. The Nintendo Switch is already projected to outsell the entire run of WiiU consoles in just a year’s time. With all of this success, Nintendo has become more and more willing to approach expanding their library in a way that they simply hadn’t considered before, namely by adding more mature titles. Recently it came to light that Nintendo is seriously going to be looking for a variety of more mature titles to showcase on what has, to this point, been seen as largely a ‘kid friendly’ console.

This report can actually date all the way back to January during the Nintendo Switch’s big presentation which featured Shinya Takahashi, an executive at Nintendo, unveiling new details in a nightclub-style presentation. Takahashi mentioned to the Wall Street Journal at the time that the goal at Nintendo was to start shifting their focus in an attempt to bring in a more diverse and complex audience. Takahshi said, “As with books, television, and movies, different content is meant for different audiences.”

We can see that Nintendo made good on their word in a big way by simply looking at the game ‘Gal*Gun 2’. Takuya Aizu, the CEO at Inti Creates, is credited with developing ‘Gal*Gun 2’ which features more risque artwork in what is ultimately a Mature level game. Aizu said of Nintendo and the Switch, “I thought it wouldn’t be possible to release such a game for the Switch, but surprisingly, Nitnendo gave me positive feedback.” Of course, Aizu’s title isn’t the only sign of a culture shift at the head of Nitnendo. We have also seen a fair amount of oldschool, definitely adult titles make their debut on the Switch including ‘Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ as well as a port of the legendary FPS, ‘Doom’.

Nintendo isn’t going away from their core model which revolves around creative and unique games for every style of gamer, but they are definitely allowing their palate to taste a few different new flavors. With Nintendo embracing these new titles we might be entering a late stage renaissance for one of the most iconic game developers of all time.