Nomad Pod Pro: Charger Station For Apple Watch and iPhone

Charging solution for Apple Watch now more easily found. One of them is the Nomad product of the charger station named Nomad Pod. If Nomad Pod insufficient you, do not worry because the Nomad has set up the latest version of Nomad Pod Pro.

No design updates were brought by Nomad Pod Pro, packaging is still the same as Nomad Pod. The difference, Nomad Pod Pro now comes with a lithium polymer battery capacity is 6000mAh, more than Nomad Pod is only 1800mAh. The other updates, Nomad Pod Pro now comes with Lightning cable that can be used to recharge the battery iPhone or iPad.

With a big battery capacity and Lightning cable that carries, Nomad Pod Pro is able to recharge the battery Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously 2 times. Mobile enough to accompany you when in need of additional power for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

To bring it home, Nomad Pod Pro is sold at a price of US $ 79.99