Nova Launcher Beta introduces Android O style notification badges

Nova Launcher 5.1 went out of beta early this month, but that doesn’t mean the development has suddenly stopped, especially that Google is readying yet another version of Android.

That being said, it looks like Nova Launcher 5.2 is already in the works, and the first beta has been recently released. There aren’t too many new features included in the beta build, but they are worth mentioning for those who use one of the most popular Android launchers.

The most notable improvement is the addition of dots, Android O style notification badges. Also, the application got a brand new round search bar style, along with many performance improvements and minor fixes for Android O.

Those of you who wish to test the new features in the Nova Launcher will have to opt-in to the beta program or download the APK file. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until a stable version will be pushed to Google Play and made available to the general public.

source: PhoneArena