Nvidia Introduces Ansel to Simplify Take Screenshot on Game

Today, gaming visualization is increasingly looks realistic along with the graphics technology developing in the computing world. The impact, are now emerging of people who love to take screenshots that is being played to be displayed as an art of photography.

Seeing this trend Nvidia released Ansel, a virtual photographic platform that offers a range of advanced features that allow users to be more creative in taking screenshots in the game.

Ansel is taken from the name of a famous photographer Ansel Adams. The platform offers a number of tools that will facilitate users to take screenshots with a dive into the virtual world on the game being played. Take a screenshot with Ansel, users can be more creative. Because the users can adjust the camera position, take photos 360 degrees and the results were visible with VR devices and store photos in high resolution.

If not satisfied with the captured image results, all the images still can be processed with the presence of remixing options that provide light and dark settings, vignette, sketch, color enhancers and special FX.

For now Ansel compatible with Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card. New games that have been supported include The Witness, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Lawbreakers, Paragon and No Man’s Sky.