Official video recaps the four camera modes on the HTC U Ultra

HTC has released a couple of videos related to the company’s two newest handsets, theHTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play. The first video teaches you about the four different camera modes offered on the HTC U Ultra. The Photo mode is the setting you would use for everyday pictures taken on the run.Zoe mode snaps one picture and 3-seconds of HD video at one time, which makes it good for brief action shots.

Panorama mode is self explanatory as it takes a wide shot of landscapes. And if you know what you’re doing at the viewfinder end of a camera, the Pro mode puts you in control of the settings. The rear camera on the HTC U Ultra is 13MP and features an aperture of f/1.8, which should allow you to take great shots even in low light conditions. The snapper comes with OIS and RAW image capture. The inclusion of  PDAF means that the camera quickly focuses on your subject. And with the 16MP front-facing camera, selfies look spectacular.

Both the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play use what HTC calls Liquid Design. The glass panel on the back of both phones is treated to look like shimmering liquid. The result is a brilliant looking back cover that reflects light like no other handset you’ve seen. To show off Liquid Design, HTC produced a video which we have embedded for you below.

Check out both clips by clicking on each video directly below.

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