Pokemon Go Does Not Follow Up With Summer Sequel

The craze last Summer was this game that everyone was playing called “Pokemon Go”. It was all the rage because it was easy to install and start playing. Before long it had caught on with enough people that it started to generate its own momentum. There were some critics of the game, but for the most part people were just having fun taking part in something that was bigger than themselves.

With all of that hype and excitement, most people figured that there would be some kind of follow-up this Summer. They assumed that either the makers of Pokemon Go would put out some kind of sequel or that there would at least be some copy cat game makers who tried to latch on to the success of this game to make their own fame and fortune. As it turns out, neither of these things really came to pass. It was highly surprising to everyone that the game just didn’t create a whole new tidal wave of additional smartphone games just like it.

The game itself still has some 65 million active monthly users, but that is well down from the peak of 100 million that it had last August. It is still a money making machine for the people who put this one out. That usually means that others will follow with similar creations to try to tap into that creative spirit, but it doesn’t seem like things are going to go that way with this one.

Augmented reality (AR) is probably the biggest winner out of the fact that this game came into being. The success of Pokemon go sparked renewed interest in using augmented reality in many other parts of our daily life. Both Facebook and Apple have announced that they are exploring ways to use AR in the future. We don’t yet know what those types of things will be, but we know that they are taking a look at them, and that is an encouraging sign for anyone who likes the products that those companies put out.

Other games have not yet been able to replicate the success that Pokemon Go had last year and continues to have. That being said, those who are into AR are not discouraged. They just believe that it may take a little longer for people to embrace the idea of playing AR games all the time.