Resentment of Technology Companies in Big Cities

Latest events have shown that cities and big tech companies are like heaven and earth-they fail to get along. The way locals from San Francisco and Seattle have reacted to Amazon, Uber and Amazon is a good example. Locals always want a good gripe of these companies. This makes it interesting to see cities trying to woo Amazon to set up their second headquarters in these cities. For starters, Amazon announced that they would select one city to become their second headquarter following the acquisition of Whole Foods. This has resulted to mayors of major cities such as Chicago, Pittsburg and Memphis to write open letters as to why they should be chosen as the second headquarters. They are also taking it to Twitter, and some of them have promised their constituents that they will do anything in their power to bring Amazon to their city. During the announcement last week, the online retail giant said that they were willing to spend over $5 billion for a new headquarter. At the end of this project, Amazon said that they hope to have employed over 50,000 people. If you’ve ever been to Seattle, the current Amazon headquarters, you will realize that the presence of Amazon in this city is quite controversial. The first thing you see as a visitor in downtown Seattle is an Amazon campus. For starters, these are 33 buildings that have been constructed in the campus.

At first, you will be surprised that the buildings are not walled off. As you enter you realize some changes in the atmosphere also. This environment is very clean especially on the sidewalks. Also, there are fancy fitness studios all over. Don’t forget to notice that the people you meet in these premises have fewer tattoos. During the past two years, the population of people in this company has grown twofold to 40,000 people. This makes it possible for workers to live nearby meaning that 20 percent of Amazon workers walk to work. This has turned Seattle into a company town. This has led to the rise of other concerns such as rent control. A recent socialist council member was elected for promising gentrification and affordable housing. Taxation has never been an issue in Washington State. In fact, this is the reason why Jeff Bezos chose the city as he established Amazon. Resentment has become common in other cities that house big companies such as San Francisco. However, soaring rents are pricing out these people.