Retro Computers Ltd and Their Delays

The recent announcement surrounding the ZX Vega+, which is a handheld video game console, has brought it back to the attention of several people. After a controversial release date, the team behind the object have released a new date. However, this came after quite the threat from the funders and backers of the video game console.

While it was originally supposed to be released and delivered during September 2016, that official release date has repeatedly been delayed. This recent announcement from Retro Computers Ltd has been what everyone has been waiting for. They intend to start shipping their units sometime in April.

The company has set a date for the end of May, which will be their ultimate deadline. It has intentions of appointing a third-party agency for collections to both obtain and return the money that was paid by consumers to get one of the consoles in the past. They have also appointed a trust-and-safety team, which is required, for RCL to post updates of the product to help discourage an intervention.

Meanwhile, at the London company, they had raised a significant amount of money for the project before they were blocked from raising more funds. This block was due to the delays and the simple lack of communication with any backers of the project. They had even offered pre-sales to consumers on their website for the new gaming console device.

RCL has also acknowledged their silence on the matter, saying it was just the subject of “troll campaigns” to criticize the company and blaming them for delays and issues with the product. Many of the things included an issue with the plastic casing, a legal dispute with a former company director, and a console button issue.

Along with their deadline announcement, RCL also sent out several images of the new equipment and prototypes of the console that have not been previously shared with consumers. Unfortunately, the company in London is not ready to further reveal the name of their product to protect them from any harassment.

They are trying to get the job done without any more rumors spreading. However, it hasn’t been very good for them. Their last report on the campaign was made in March of 2017, but the company made a special request to keep the article from being published. They fully believed that the article would spawn a police investigation, and they were able to delay the article. The writers of the article never gained any relevant evidence against their case, and the claim for new consoles in just a few weeks was made just after the report was published.

There has also been a court case made against RCL that has led other funders out there to pursue legal action against the company. RCL has already been forced to pay a refund to one of the backers after being taken to court, but this included a very specific circumstance that might not apply to everyone. Again, there are some who are thanking RCL for their efforts toward the new product, but most have doubts about the company in general.