Samsung Soundbar and Wireless Audio 360: Couple SUHD TV to Support Advanced Audio

Samsung explained that in order to gain more experience in SUHD maximum when watching their latest TV, audio support is qualified to be considered. Therefore, Samsung provides a Curved Soundbar and Wireless Audio 360.

The Elegant Design

Samsung Curved Soundbar comes with design to match the SUHD TV . The length can be selected according to the size of the user’s TV. Its presence will not interfere with the interior of the room but it helps give a sensation of elegance.

Samsung Curved Soundbar is an audio device, from the particular design of Samsung Audio Lab in California, USA. The sound quality is clear and detailed.

Combination with Wireless Rear Speaker Kit and Wireless Audio 360 steady play surround sound for watching movies or music concerts.

Multi-function Audio

Wireless Audio 360 has a minimalist design and charming to be put in some corner of the room. Wireless Audio 360 comes with an omni-directional speaker and Ring Radiator Technology, which means being able to make the voice sound more real every direction.

There are also features Tap & Swipe Control for quick and easy access when you want to play music, and consumers do not need to use a smartphone to control it.

Wireless Audio 360 can be used as a WiFi Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, TV SoundConnect, and supporters of multiroom Curved Speaker Surround Soundbar.