Samsung to Release Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally out. The surprising thing with the gadget is that it has equal features to hate and like. But it’s good to start with the bad stuff before we can embark on the good ones. The eye scanner that is supposed to unlock the phone is not working. The story of the fingerprint sensor is the same as it has been located in a lousy place. To get done with, there is the Samsung’s Bixby. Some users and even experts consider the virtual assistant as the most incompetent in the market. You should not also forget that Samsung Note 8 has a reputation of combusting. However, the phone can be quite fashionable for the forgiving people. Some of the good features associated with Samsung Note 8 include a good display. In fact, the display resembles the one of a high-end television set. When it comes to the camera, Samsung Note 8 has a very fast camera. In fact, it resembles a professional one meaning that it is capable of taking quality pictures. The company also released a statement to assure their esteemed customers that the new gadget will not explode. So far so good. No customer has complained yet about the gadget exploding while in use or when charging.

When the phone arrives on the market on 15th September, the Android smartphone will have the biggest screen in the industry. During the initial days, the phone will cost you around $950. However, with Google and Apple set to release new phone models, it is advisable to wait a little while if you are considering buying a new phone. The advanced camera has been made possible by a technology called OLED. For starters, this display makes it possible to make items brighter, lighter and thinner. What this does is that it improves the contrast and the accuracy making it better than the one of the previous models. There is also good news for readers as the smartphone has taken care of this making articles appear with a clear text. The phone has been given an A plus rating by Raymond Soneira who is DisplayMate president. Concerning the screen, he was particularly pleased with the exceptional brightness of the screen. He is also pleased with the color gamut of the screen. However, like new iPhone 8 will show, OLED comes along with a price. It’s an expensive technology according to experts.