Senate Republicans Face an Uphill Task in Passing Tax Reform

Things don’t look good for the Republican Party after a Wisconsin senator said that he is not pleased with the tax plan that the Republicans want to pass. He, therefore, became the first Republican to express his wishes to not vote for the bill. This comes at a time when other Republicans said that they were worried about the bill in a number of ways including the effect it will have on the middle class as a well as its cost. Nonetheless, it is expected that the House will go ahead with plans to pass the version of the bill on Thursday. This is a tax plan that wants to make tax cuts of over $1.4 trillion, and this would be achieved in the next 10 years. However, just as it emerged with the repeal and replace of the Obamacare, the Congress looks like an unlikely ally for Mr. Trump as he aims at going after major legislative reforms.

The Wisconsin Senator has been identified as Ron Johnson, and he made his concerns known to both chambers. In one of his arguments, the Senator said that he would not be voting for the bill because it looked after the interests of major corporations more than the interests of small business. He further said that he didn’t dispute that these companies are the main sources of job creation and innovation in modern America. This is why he felt that every company or corporation deserved a shot. He then said that neither of the houses was willing to provide the support he thought these corporations needed. There are other senators who have voiced their concerns about the bill. Nevertheless, they have not mentioned whether they will vote for or against the bill like the Wisconsin senator.

Some of these senators include Bob Corker of Tennessee and Susan Collins of Maine. Bob Corker said that he was still looking into the bill to ensure that they don’t cause harm to the bill. He said that most of the senators want to do something that strengthens the economy and America. At the moment, he assured people that he was neither a yes nor a no. However, a number of Senators including Republicans and Democrats have voiced their concerns about the changes that were implemented by the Republicans on the ambitious plan yesterday. For instance, Senate Republicans added a provision in the tax code that allows them to repeal the Obamacare.