Sennheiser Presence Mobile Series: Bluetooth Headset Which Can Filtering Wind Sound

This bluetooth headset from Sennheiser offers high-quality audio in challenging conditions, such as a blustery. Reliable features Sennheiser to present the best sound quality is excellent noise filtering.

Sennheiser Presence Mobile Series is designed as a lightweight, thin Bluetooth headset and capable for producing HD quality sound. Those can be achieved by combining three microphones and a variety of advanced technologies such as Advanced Own-Voice-Detector, SpeakFocus and WindSafe.


Filled with Advanced Technology

Advanced Own-Voice-Detector technology will monitor the environment to determine whether the user is speaking or silent. If noise is detected, the system will sound clearer, while at the same time reduce the disturbing background noise.

There is another SpeakFocus technology that can detect the user’s voice and filter out background noise so that the listener can hear clear sound. There is also WindSafe that automatically arranges three PRESENCE microphone so the sound quality is optimal and the breeze sound  can be reduced.

While ActiveGard is a security feature to keep users from electric shock or sudden shock listen to the voice hardened.


In terms of design, PRESENCE Mobile Series can be used according to user needs, ranging from in-ear, with the hook, and the grip head. Not only to voice communicating , PRESENCE able to combine owned headset . Used with a PC and the dongle, you can use up to 25 meters distance.

No information when Sennheiser PRESENCE Mobile Series launched. So keep waiting…