Smartphone Healthcare Apps


iHealthIt is no news that smartphones are developing faster than any other field in electronics and communication.  Smartphones are irreplaceable in business, education and entertainment.  They’ve now become useful in the medical field.

They are useful for both patients and physicians giving the correct results of his/her glucose levels, blood pressure etc.  Below is the list of some of the most unusual, yet important healthcare apps:

  1. Blood pressure monitor – It is said that about 20% of the popularity in USA suffers from high or low blood pressure.  With new iHealth BPM, you don’t need to go to a doctor to examine your blood pressure, simply download it from iTunes for free.  In order to start using the app you need to wrap the cuff and click “start the BPM app”, and in a few seconds you will get a report of your blood pressure and your heart rate.
  2. Blood glucose monitor – Right now, two companies are fighting for the first place in the glucose monitor apps.  The company that came up with an idea was iBigstar, they created a monitor that connects to iPhone or iPad directly.  The second company MyGlucohealth decided to go further and created a wireless glucose monitor that works simultaneously with online data so the patient can check the result immediately.
  3. Mobile monitoring – For those who wish to take care of their relatives remotely, there are numerous apps called in this sphere.  The program is aimed to monitor your older or younger relatives online.  The usage of the app is simple, you download the app to the phone you want to track and then check it online.  You can check messages, calls (like 911 and others) surroundings and GPS location.  The app is extremely useful for those whose parents are suffering from Alzheimer.
  4. Eye monitor – The quick eye testing became real because of the Netra, a special smartphone attachment. This revolutionary device came to us from MIT researchers. The eye monitor makes a quick eye testing that saves time and money. Netra is especially popular in the 3rd world countries where qualified eye exam is a rare thing.
  5. Ear monitor – Just as the eye testing, ear testing was created in order to save money and time.  This time we have to thank Cellscope Oto a new iPhone accessory that projects a better picture of the middle ear. This device is very useful for parents as they can check and diagnose their child’s ear remotely.
  6. Cardiogram monitor – Related to heart diseases Electro cardiogram is a quite famous. In order to use Alivecor’s ECG one has to install the device on the back of the iPhone and download the AliveECG app.
    Although currently no technology is better than a real doctor, these devices and applications can ease your life and lives of your relatives.  Keep in mind that the devices should not be used to diagnose serious health problems, if there is a serious problem, please consult with a doctor.

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