Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker: Could Be Source of Light at a Time Playing Music

Through a project called Life Space UX, Sony tried to present a sophisticated gadget to design an innovative design that can blend in with the room. After bulb-shaped speakers, Sony introduced the next product which is LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker.

Carrying the modern and elegant design , Sony Sound Speaker adapting Glass lantern-like design. The design is very beautiful and minimalist is capable aligned with any interior design in the room.

In addition to produce a soft light like a candle that is able to complement the atmosphere in the room, you can also connect to a smartphone or tablet to your favorite music via Bluetooth LDAC. For energy intake, you can connect directly into an electrical outlet or rely on batteries that can be used up to about 4 hours.

Sound production Sony Glass Sound Speaker relying shaped glass tube tweeter and woofer dimension 2 inches. With Advanced Vertical Drive sound technology, sound waves produced tweeter and woofer will vibrate its vertical glass. As a result, the sound can be heard very clearly and can be spread evenly 360 degrees in the room. To boost the performance of voice, audio features Sony’s flagship series also possesses such as S-Master, DSEE and ClearAudio +.

Carrying the design and innovative voice technology is not surprised Sony gave the price is quite high . To bring it home you have to spend US $ 799 . Interested?