Sony PVM-X550: 55-inch OLED monitor with 4K Resolution

Monitor with a 4K resolution is increasingly flooding the market. Sony also included as one of the producers who did not want to miss. More recently, they introduced a new monitor product and named PVM-X550.

The interested thingĀ of the Sony PVM-X550 is OLED technology used in a large enough size, which is 55 inches. In addition, this monitor has a 4K resolution is certainly a very sharp and spoil the eye.

Suitable for Evaluating Video Recordings

With these deals, the PVM-X550 is suitable for enjoying video content, view photos, or browsing in cyberspace. Even so, Sony states that the PVM-X550 is also intended for people who work in the realm of video production to evaluate each of the scenes that have been recorded.

This monitor comes with 12-bit output signal and allows customization of individual display settings such as Electro-Optical Transfer Function, Color Space, Transfer Matrix, and color temperature.

There is no information about the price of the PVM-X550, Sony plans to release it to the market in the summer of this year.