There’s a new way to play music… soundjack it!


soundjackMusic lovers can now use their smartphones to interact with the music played at any venue hosting a soundjack music system, enabling them to pick and play the songs that they want to hear, when they want to hear them – without ever leaving their seat!

TouchTunes, Americas largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, recently acquired Soundnet, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of music and music videos to hotels and retail stores. Now they’re expanding with soundjack, a brand new app that allows customers to pick and choose the music on any soundjack enabled jukebox or soundjack background music system throughout the UK.

The soundjack App for Consumers

Once the free soundjack app has been downloaded, users can search for nearby venues that have jukeboxes or music systems connected to soundjack. The user will be rewarded with some free credits so that they can trial the app. After that, credits for soundjack can be purchased using Paypal or PayforIt, a web-based mobile payment solution.

Users can search for a track by either artist, title or date, the app also allows you to select music from the very latest top 40 chart singles. The “preview” feature of soundjack allows you to listen to a short section of your song choice from your smartphone before purchasing. Then you can share your excitement with your friends via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook – telling them what song you’ve just chosen to listen to.

The soundjack BGM Player for Business

Interacting with technology is becoming more and more of a social experience thanks to the internet. Businesses are now able to offer a fully interactive service to patrons through a brand new type of background music system; with built in soundjack functionality. soundjack is currently available for businesses via online-capable Sound Leisure jukeboxes, or as a stand-alone background music service which utilises a dedicated tablet. You can find out more about this service at:

Simon Davis, Managing Director of soundjack said: “We believe that customers will expect to control the music in the places they drink, eat and shop.  In the future if you are ordering a drink, reading a menu or buying a piece of clothing using your phone then you will expect to also be able to control the music – this is a revolutionary step forward for background music.”

The soundjack app isn’t a novelty. It’s a step towards creating a better experience for customers visiting your business. By allowing them the opportunity to create the ambience for themselves, from the comfort of their own seat.

soundjack, the future of social music interactivity in the commercial sector, is available to download from Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Download the app from:

– The Play Store

– iTunes