SpaceX Celebrates Third Successful Launch

We are getting ready to see a complete overhaul in the way that space travel is looked at. The company SpaceX has been putting a clinic on what it means to be a private company seeking to go beyond our atmosphere and 2017 looks like it is going to be a defining year for the company. For the past couple of years, SpaceX has been uniquely focused on reusable rockets and a ton of rigorous testing is in need to go through the process to make sure that they are flight ready. Recently, SpaceX celebrated another launch and land mission from their rockets. This mission was led by the Falcon 9 Booster which ended up making quite the trip this past Tuesday.

It was 6:53 PM when the Falcon 9 was given the go-ahead and launch. The Falcon 9 launched from Pad 39A which was located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center down in Florida. The goal of this mission was for the Falcon 9 to escort the EchoStar 105/SES-11 satellite into orbit. After launching at 5:53PM the Falcon 9 would return back to earth only eight and a half minutes later, targeting a landing on the SpaceX ship called ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ which was located in the Atlantic Ocean. The landing went smoothly and in pinpoint fashion which just further boosted how impressive SpaceX’s technology has become. THis was the second successful launch and mission in the past three days for the company as well as the second mission with the Falcon 9.

The first mission that the Falcon 9 handled was back on February 19th, 2017. The Falcon 9 helped to bring up a SpaceX Dragon cargo supply to the International Space Station on behalf of NASA. This launch also occurred on the famous Pad 39A which is most well known for being the pad that the NASA Apollo missions lifted off from. It should warm the souls of scientists and enthusiasts around the world to see SpaceX embraced by NASA in a shared pursuit to encourage and explore the capabilities that outer space can offer us.

The Falcon 9 has become quite the successful piece of gear for SpaceX as it has racked up 18 touchdowns in the first stage so far for the California-based company. SpaceX’s goal is to make spaceflight more affordable and available for people all around the world.