Specs of New IPhones Leaked

iPhone fans who are hungry for larger screens and greater battery capacities will likely be pleased with what Apple is planning for the next generation of its popular devices. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple is planning to release 3 new models that will considerably increase both screen size and battery capacities over the current model.

Included in the 3 devices Apple will release are the following: a model with a 5.85″ OLED display, a model with a 6.46″ OLED display, and a less expensive model with a 6.1″ LCD display.

In terms of battery capacities, the 5.85″ model will come with either a 2,716-milliampere-hour battery — which is the same capacity as the battery in the iPhone X — or a battery that has somewhere between 2,900 and 3,000 milliamperes per hour. The 6.46″ model is expected to come with a battery that has a capacity of between 3,300 and 3,400 milliamperes per hour, which represents a 23% increase over the battery capacity of the iPhone X. Finally, the 6.1″ model will come with a battery capacity in the range of 2,850 and 2,850 milliamperes per hour.

Displays are typically the component in a smartphone that uses the most power, so larger displays require larger battery capacities. So it makes sense that Apple is increasing battery capacities. What is yet unknown is whether the new models will increase battery life over the iPhone X, which saw a decrease in battery life in comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Kuo also said that Apple is trying to build a single-cell battery in newer models, as opposed the dual-cell battery currently used in the iPhone X. The new battery is expected to take the same amount of space as the battery in the current model.

Some analysts are anticipating that the 6.1″ LCD model may be the most interesting of the 3 new iPhone devices. Not only should it be the least expensive of the 3 models, but because LCD screens use less power than comparable OLED screens, this model should have the best battery life of the 3 devices, while still delivering a larger screen than the iPhone X.

There is no word yet as to exactly when the 3 new devices might be available.