Sponsored Posts by Instagram Influencers in the Works

TechCrunch writer, Anthony Ha, reports that Instagram is creating a new standardized format for sponsored posts endorsed by Instagram influencers (think: celebrities and highly volume users) that creates a clearer recognition of these posts paid by advertisers.

This format is solely for “influencer marketing,” meaning the marketing tactic in which brands and advertisers pay influencers to promote their products via Instagram posts. The growing popularity of this marketing strategy has caught the attention of even the Federal Trade Commission, who has recently written letters to “more than 90 percent of influencers” stating that they must “clearly and conspicuously” disclose which posts are sponsored.

Charles Porch, the Creative Program Director at Instagram, recognizes the vastness and influence Instagram has on its users and believes that the transparency and straightforwardness within sponsored posts is a necessity that needs to be tracked.

The new standardized format is a feature in which an influencer tags a brand as a sponsor for the post. This feature will notify target audience of the sponsored post with a “paid partnership notification” that will ensure the transparency of the sponsored post. The tag also simultaneously allows the advertiser to gain access to the same data as the influencer around a post’s reach and engagement. This data will appear in the same Facebook dashboard as the rest of their advertising data.

This particular feature is still in “phase one,” in which select users including big names such as Buzzfeed are selected to test and give feedback. This feature will not be released until the company feels users are first educated and have received the appropriate feedback and reactions from the testing phase that has allowed this feature to be built to its best ability and performance.

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