Sprint CEO Claure turns rep at new store, making sales and speaking to customers

Move over John Legere. The feisty executive who has turned around T-Mobile by putting customers first has a challenger in Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Taking a page from Legere’s accessibility with subscribers, Claure visited a brand new Sprint store in Kansas City that replaced a closed Apple Store in the same location.

On Saturday, Claure worked the floor at the new store. Wearing a name tag that read “Marcelo: Trainee,” he ended up closing sales of phones and wireless plans; he also had to endure listening to some Sprint customers complain about their bill and wireless service. Sprint’s CEO did a good job getting potential customers to make the move to the wireless operator. As soon as he had someone ready to sign with the company, a tablet wielding associate would capture the signatures of the newest Sprint subscribers.

“In order for me to run a company more efficiently I need to truly understand how long do the sales take, what are the obstacles that my sales people face, how are the customers feeling about Sprint. I should have done this a lot earlier!”-Marcelo Claure, CEO, Sprint

The company reported its first operating profit in nine years for fiscal 2016, which ended in March. Led by its tri-band LTE Plus network, which features the attributes of low, mid and high-frequency spectrum, Sprint is also planning on using 3 x carrier aggregation on flagship phones in order to increase data speed.

source: KansasCityStar, KCUR