Still Doubt with Mediatek? This Benchmark Results : Snapdragon against Exynos

Slowly but surely step MediaTek to play high-end class segment began to appear. This year, MediaTek introduced Helio X10 and X20 is a powerful weapon against big rivals such as Qualcomm and Samsung.

Well Helio X10 and X20 is already sure to be used by HTC, the manufacturer that has a reputation in the ranks of top smartphones. MediaTek Helio X20, with deca-core CPUs (10 cores) and Mali-T880 GPU MP4, recently seen on Geekbench used by the HTC One A9. Not surprisingly, this chipset Scots scored high. Now, you can see a comparison of performance between Helio Helio X20 and X10. In addition, the benchmark scores Samsung Exynos 7420 used Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 edge has also been tested. There is also Meizu Pro 5 (with Helio X20 from MediaTek MT6797).

See the table, the use AnTuTu testing, test results Helio Helio X10 X20 straddled by 40%. At GeekBench3, Helio performance single-core X20 scored above 70% Helio X10. For multi-core scores, Helio X20 is higher 15%.

Still on the Geekbench test, Helio X20 beat Snapdragon 810 in the second result, single-core and multi-core processors. Similarly, when compared with the Exynos 7420, which was also adrift far enough.



Interestingly, on a test chip Exynos 8890 chip tested by Samsung Lucky-LTE (so-called feeder Samsung Galaxy S7) also can not be beat Helio X20 with a tally of 1,336 single-core and multi-core score of 4824. As noted X20 Helio 1835 for single core and 5884 for multi-core processors.

More recently, 820 Snapdragon SoC seen walking in the Lucky-LTE (S7 Galaxy?). Allegedly version enhanced by Qualcomm chipset produces AnTuTu benchmark value of 72 355, almost equivalent results Helio X20.

This is just the initial test alias is not yet final. We will see the results of the lighter when all products with this whiz chips available on the market. Therefore, a different outcome could possibly associated with other supporting hardware


source PA