Strong Focus on Auto Technology at CES 2018

Vehicle and driving technology has been a major draw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. During the opening weekend of CES, Chinese tech startup Byton dazzled the audience with a concept car that incorporated just about every advanced function available in gadget form these days. Byton expects to release its smart car in China next year and in North America by 2022; in the meantime, auto tech companies will likely release a flurry of car gadgets before Byton hits the market.

Here are some of the most interesting automobile gadgets seen at CES 2018 this week:

Rear Vehicle Cameras

These devices are no longer limited to luxury automobiles; they have become very affordable and easy to install. The rear backup cameras shown at CES 2018 ranged between $50 and $200, and some include advanced features such as night vision.

Heads Up Displays

There was a time when HUD technology was limited to the cockpits of military fighter jets; these days, displaying the speedometer and navigation data on the windshield starts at just $50. Many of the HUD devices presented at CES 2018 can be installed on a do-it-yourself basis.

Emergency Jump-start Devices

Finding someone to give you a jump-start when your car battery dies is a thing of the past. New lithium batteries are compact enough to fit in the glove compartment, and they are powerful enough to start your car or recharge your mobile devices.

Automotive Tablet

Legendary mapmaker Rand McNally introduced a special tablet for drivers who enjoy taking road trips. This tablet doubles as a phone, rear camera, advanced navigation device, and travel information provider.

Blind Spot Eliminators

Rydeen Mobile introduced a radar device that can report activity taking place in driver’s blind spot at a cost of $426. Other blind spot eliminators shown at CES feature visual and audio alerts as well as live digital video of the unseen vehicles, pedestrians and objects crossing the blind spot.

Smartphone Remote Access Entry System

Continental, a company that is better known for its extensive line of racing tires, introduced a very promising auto door lock system that can use a combination of alphanumeric codes, biometrics and proximity sensors controlled by a smartphone. Rental car agency Avis is set to start testing the system this year.