TalkTalk Fined For Not Protecting Users From Scammers

Scammers crawl all over the Internet at all hours of the day and night. They are constantly looking for ways to squeeze a little bit of money out of their victims. Fortunately, the United Kingdom has some very strong penalties for websites that allow those scammers to have access to users information. TalkTalk, a popular website in the UK, has been hit with a fine for the second time in just the last few years.

In this case, the fine to TalkTalk was for 100,000 pounds. The company was said to have allowed easy access to user data by scammers who were looking to make a quick score. The Telegraph reports that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was the group that slapped the fine on to the company.

An inquiry into the company began all the way back in 2014. What the inquiry sought to find out is how TalkTalk was using a customer service outsourcer known as Wipro. The big question for investigators was how TalkTalk may have been sharing data with this outsourced provider. As it turns out, they were obviously sharing quite a bit of that data, and that is what landed them in so much trouble with government investigators.

The ICO went on to uncover that Wipro had unlawful access to customer information. Between twenty-five and fifty thousand accounts were compromised. The information that was available to Wipro was enormous in scale. Customer’s names, addresses, and account details were just among a few of the artifacts that we found by the ICO in the possession of Wipro.

TalkTalk was chastised for their actions and told that they should have done something about it much sooner. They had plenty of time to get their act straight, but they opted not to do so. By leaving customers open and vulnerable like this, TalkTalk showed a total disregard for its customers, and thus the fine imposed seems fair to a lot of outside observers.

A lot of users of TalkTalk complained over the years that there have been contacted by various scammers wanting to sell them things. This may be a direct result of TalkTalk not taking more precautionary steps to ensure that the data was not misplaced. Some users of TalkTalk definitely have ever right to feel that they were harmed by this. Their names and addresses may well be floating out there on the Internet because of TalkTalk not taking obvious steps to keep things safe and protected.