Tatsuro Toyoda Dies at the Age of 88

The New York Times yesterday confirmed the death of Tatsuro Toyoda. For starters, this is the son of Toyota founder. Tatsuro Toyoda was educated in the United States, unlike his other siblings who schooled in Japan. The Times reported that he passed away on 30th December at the age of 88. While announcing his death, a representative from Toyota Motor Corporation confirmed that Tatsuro Toyoda succumbed to complications of pneumonia. The company, however, announced his death one week after it happened. Toyota Motor Corporation did not reveal where Tatsuro Toyoda was staying at the time of his death. He will be remembered for serving as the seventh president of Toyota. This happened between 1992 and 1995. It’s during this time that he was able to establish the first Toyota factory in the United States. Nonetheless, this would not have been possible without the assistance of General Motors. This saw Toyota Motor Corporation use the Japanese methodology of establishing factories with the American way of labor unions as well as the American labor force system. This factory came to be referred to as the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. It was established in the state of California at a place called Fremont. Not only did the factory contribute to the international growth of Toyota, but it also helped transform the American factory workforce.

However, the firm has since been closed. When it was established, it used to produce two notable car models that included Toyota Corolla and Chevrolet Nova. Tatsuro Toyoda was eulogized by Jeffrey Liker. For starters, Mr. Liker happens to be the Toyota Way author. At the same time, he happens to be a senior professor at the University of Michigan where he specializes in operations and industrial engineering. Mr. Liker said that Tatsuro Toyoda taught Americans a new leadership style when it comes to manufacturing. Mr. Liker also said that this was the turning point for Toyota in terms of international success and performance. Tatsuro Toyoda was born in Nagoya, Japan back in June 1929. He was born to Kiichiro Toyoda, the man who singlehandedly founded Toyota back in 1937. Before moving to the United States, Tatsuro Toyoda graduated from the University of Tokyo where he specialized in mechanical engineering. He would move to America where he studied an MBA from New York University. He stepped down as the president of Toyota back in 1995 after he suffered from high blood pressure to the extent of being hospitalized