Tech Ideas That Have Taken 2017 by Storm

Although there has been a lot of talk in the tech industry about the innovations that are changing lives, sometimes the best inventions are not always dramatic and attractive to the layman. There are ideas that are unusually small but have a stroke of genius behind them. These ideas go a long way in improving consumer products with an almost immediate effect. Splashy new products and significant breakthroughs tend to steal all the attention from the stakeholders and spectators of the tech industry. In this article, we are going to highlight the innovations that are small-scale but particularly important to the consumer and the entire human race in general.

Driving with fewer distractions
Years after using the cell phone while driving was outlawed, mobile phone manufacturers are getting serious about creating ways to solve the problem. The iOS by Apple includes an application known as ‘Do Not Disturb while driving’. The application is switched on when the iPhone has sensed travel by a vehicle and automatically connects to the automobile’s Bluetooth. The app goes ahead to mute all notifications that are not urgent and has an option to automatically reply texts with a message that says “I’m driving.” Unless you claim to be a passenger, the application keeps the phone locked which discourages any further use. Mobile phone distractions have led to thousands of car accident deaths despite the fact that many states have outlawed texting while driving. This tech innovation, however, small, could help saves thousands of lives in the coming years.

Auto-Photo Sharing
Most iPhone users are not adequately convinced that the benefits of Apple’s latest facial recognition technology outweigh the disadvantages. However, the shared libraries application by Apple that has been launched in 2017 may probably compensate for that. Once you have a designated phonebook contact that you can trust such as your partner or boyfriend, your photos will automatically be shared by Google to them once they are taken. The application also allows you to limit the sharing of pictures to particular faces which will allow the sharing of family photos only. This tech innovation will go a long way in reducing the time taken to sort photos that you want to be shared.

A Multitasking Assistant
Google Home has gained a competitive advantage to Amazon in its feature leapfrog game. This application allows the user to string twin actions together in one voice command. For instance, you can have it installed in your car and give two simultaneous commands such as “play some jazz and dim the lights.” This innovation is a significant leap forward in making virtual assistants more user-friendly.