The Good Side of the Frightful Five

There is a concern that tech companies are too big. This works when people decide to look the issue from the downward side. Another argument has risen arguing that the size might not be bad at all. For the last one and a half years, people across the world especially Americans have been complaining about the size of these companies. This has led to experts to warn about the companies in regards to the political, social and economic power held by these companies. This has also resulted in these tech companies to be referred to as the frightful five. On the list of the frightful five, there is Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. They are considered as powerful because they own the important tech platforms around the world. This includes ownership of smartphones and app stores. At the same time, they own the maps to our social relationships. As a result, they have the power and ability to grow and become more powerful than governments. This is what dominated the news this week when executives of these two companies appeared before the Senate Intelligent committee. Google and Facebook executives graced the committee. They were joined by executives from Twitter with the main issue being the role that these companies played in the 2016 presidential elections.

The new argument is that it’s better to be at the hands of responsive companies than others that Americans are unsure about. At the same time, these are companies that will bow to legal and political pressure. In short, the argument supports the thinking that it’s easier to be controlled by five companies rather than 100 similar companies. This comes at a time when there is an unending appetite to control the digital world in the developed nations. Going by the Russians meddling with the US elections, it’s better to note that the US government can know what to fix. The scenario would have been completely different should have Facebook and Twitter being Russian companies. Some experts still believe that the tech world can be ruled. As a matter of fact, it’s not as messy as some reporters want it to be. The good thing about the human inventions that change the society is that we have the power to control them. The humans still hold the off switch. Another reasoning is that these big five companies can’t work together to create a formidable force. This is attributed to the fact that they hate the gut of each other.