The Hyperloop One Reaches New Speeds in July Test

Futurists and modern tech fans are united right now in their absolute pursuit for information regarding the coveted Hyperloop One. The Hyperloop One, formerly known as just Hyperloop technologies, is a company based out of Los Angeles, CA that is focused on creating a true game changer in the world of transportation. Their stated goal is to create an electromagnetic, levitating transportation pod that can reach airline speeds while on the ground — thus completely changing the way we look at travel. This past Wednesday the Hyperloop One took another step toward tech breakthrough while being tested in Nevada.

Fans of technology and traveling innovations have no doubt been wowed by the work that Hyperloop One has been doing over the past year or so. Now, more than ever, watches are starting to really key in. Hyperloop One recently hit its newest milestone while making a test run in Nevada. The test took place on July 29, 2017 and will likely go down in history as a great next step in travel. The levitating transportation pod reached a speed of 192 MPH in a controlled test that spanned nearly 1,640 feet. The Hyperloop Pod, also known as XP-1, was able to function at high speeds while wowing audiences — bringing the product one step closer to its final planned acceleration limit. This was the most successful test ever undertaken by the Hyperloop Team.

For the test run the Hyperloop One team depressurized the travel tube in order to imitate conditions at 200,000 ft/above sea level. At this pressure point the Earth’s atmosphere offers very little friction and even less resistance. During the test the Hyperloop One team payed close attention to the levitation system that relies on magnetic work as well as the vacuum pump. According to reports the systems withstood the pressure fine and passed the stress test with ease.

The test on July 29th was a huge moment for the team at Hyperloop One. It was only a few months ago that test runs were held on tracks less than a third of the size of this most recent experiment. There was also a massive improvement in the rate of horsepower. In the first Hyperloop run the pod reached just 891 horsepower. In the newest run the pod reached 3,151 horsepower. The primary goal of the Hyperloop One is to reach a peak speed of 250 MPH.