The Rock Says Use Siri

Apple smells what The Rock is cooking.

The technology giant partnered with Dwayne Johnson, known to WWE fans as The Rock, for a new commercial that touts the strengths of Siri, The Washington Post reported. Siri is Apple’s virtual personal assistant that can find you information in a flash, set a meeting with your boss and do other helpful things.
Johnson is one of Hollywood’s biggest names. He’s the world’s highest-paid actor, according to, with a “Jumanji” reboot in the works this year. He’s also well known in sports entertainment, with WWE setting the stage for his assault on Hollywood.
Apple was quick to get Johnson on board, The Washington Post reported. Apple aims to engage users, who have used Siri 15-percent less in the past year, according to TechCrunch. Apple also faces stiff competition from Samsung, other Android devices and Amazon’s Alexa.
Enter Johnson, who can be seen in the commercial asking Siri to help him with a range of items throughout his hectic lifestyle. Those included reading emails, calling for a ride-share pick up and setting reminders.
Apple pairing with Johnson is a no-brainer, according to many experts. Johnson is a bona fide action star, with credits in the “Fast and Furious” franchise and buddy comedies with Kevin Hart. Johnson also has a successful series on HBO and recently starred in the movie remake of “Baywatch.”
Flashy advertising is a key piece of pushing a product. Apple has always been at the center of the tech talk regardless of how well the product is or will be received.
The hope is to bring new users to Apple phones and devices. In the meantime, The Washington Post pointed out Siri needs room to improve in speech recognition. It noted Siri was “steadily improving,” but more will be needed to fend off the Alexas of the world.
For now, The Rock will do his best to lay the smack down on anyone not using Siri.


Siri usage and engagement dropped since last year, as Alexa and Cortana grew