Theresa May Set to Challenge Tech Companies

Theresa May will deliver a speech today to the United Nations where she is expected to urge technology companies to act faster and further when dealing with extremist content. Theresa May will later hold a meeting with other world leaders that will also be graced by executives from Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook. In her speech, she is expected to request search engines and social networks to find a solution to extreme material in a period of two hours. In other technology news, Google announced that it was thinking about establishing a one million pounds counter-terrorism fund that will focus on the United Kingdom alone. Theresa May has been a critic of the safe spaces that exist on the internet. She attributes them to the rising cases of terrorism in her country. World leaders have advocated to an end of the end-to-end encryption that makes it impossible to read messages when they’re intercepted by third parties. They have also called for the need to curb the dissemination of this material on social media. At the same time, Theresa May is expected to hail the efforts that have been made by these companies. Earlier in June, technology companies agreed to form a counter-terrorism forum that has been very crucial in stopping the spread of hatred, bigotry and violence.

The BBC reports that the British Prime Minister is expected to ask these tech companies to be swift in coming up with artificial intelligence solutions that will drastically reduce the time for terror propaganda. She will also encourage the tech companies to develop mechanisms that can prevent the information from appearing at all. In conjunction with Italy and France, the three nations want to set a limit of two hours. The three European nations will ask the United Nations to give tech companies one month to portray that they are taking the issue seriously. During the G7 meeting that will be held on 20th October, it will be determined whether the tech companies have made the necessary progress. Theresa May says that technology companies have the best minds in the world meaning they can come up with a solution quite fast. This is the reason why she feels that these companies should focus on what matters. After a recent criticism on how it has been handling the issue of terrorism, Google mentioned that hundreds of millions of their money had been spent on the issue. Twitter and Facebook mentioned that they were working on the issue.