This is Line of Products UHD TV LG 2016

As a major player in the realm of TV, LG introduced its newest product lines as well enliven the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas. Although only will begin on January 6, the South Korean manufacturer has prepared several UHD TVs will they show off.

One of the most attention is the LG SUPER UHD TV UH9800. With a size of 98 inches, this being the first TV LG that has been equipped with a resolution of 8K. Unfortunately, in addition to information about the company plans to begin sales in mid-2016, LG has not been able to reveal more about UH9800.

Although already prepared with 8K TVs, LG continue to provide updates to its product line of its 4K TV. Among them are Super UHD TV UH8500 and UH 8550 are each measuring 65 and 75 inches, and UH9500 and UH9550 that each measuring 64 and 86 inches.

For UH9500 series, LG prefer to use IPS screens than OLED. This series has also been supported LG True Black Panel technology and Contrast Maximizer to display black better. HDR Plus features will improve the picture quality of 4K displayed through the HDMI port, as well as through the engine SDR-to-HDR owned by LG. BT.2020 Support has also been provided which according to LG will become the standard for future 4K content.

By design, the UH 9500 series has a 6,6mm thickness with a very thin bezel even barely visible. Its speakers developed by Harman / Kardon and use Magic Sound Tuning which automatically present the most appropriate setting depending on the room.
Turning to the Super UHD TV UH8500 series, with ULTRA Slim design of this series still has features as it is also available in UH9500, for example ColorPrime Plus, Rich Billion Colors, ULTRA Luminance and Contrast Maximizer. LG Super UHD TV offer richer color reproduction and picture quality and better sound.

All UHD TV LG in 2016 will be embedded WebOS 3.0, with a simple interface and make it easier for users to switch back and forth channel or input.