3 Top WordPress Plugins for Showing Related Content


PluginHaving a related post feature will help readers to explore more from your blog and you can increase conversion rates for your blog by having a proper related post plugin.  The related post features generate related articles from titles, keywords and tags associated with the current article and show them in a related post content area.  The content can be either displayed in list view or thumbnail view depending on the settings within the control panel.

Here are my top 3 WordPress plugins for showing related content

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is known as YARPP Plugin.  This plugin’s algorithm displays a unique set of related posts on your site together.  As well as this, you can earn money from sponsored posts generated by this plugin.  The main feature of YARPP is that it displays assets of posts, pages and custom blog post types, depending on current entry and gives related content to your readers.  YARPP is available in both Basic and PRO version.

Key Features of YARPP

 – Thumbnail View or List view for the related content

 – Shows posts, pages and custom blog posts types

 – The advanced YARPP algorithm gives advanced control features

 – Display unique related posts in your RSS feeds

 – Pulls related content from Multiple sites

 – Promotes your website products to thousands of blogs and websites

 – Get detailed reporting

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is yet another powerful WordPress plugin with impressive features.  One of the most powerful to show highly related content to readers depending upon the current post.  It generates both thumbnail view and text as compared to other plugins.

This plugin generates related content on conditions such as the title of the post and content in the current post and gives readers relevant content which helps to reduce website bounce rates and quickly refreshes old entries with new ones.

Features of Contextual Related Posts

 – Thumbnail support for posts and auto extracts the post image which needs to be displayed in thumbnail view

 – No need for manual editing of the files

 – Large FAQ section for help

 – Widget support

 – Short code feature enables you to show related content anywhere between the post

 – Exclusion of the posts functionality, excludes posts which do not want to appear in related content

 – Customising post excerpt length

nrelate Related Content

nrelate is the most accurate, reliable related content in WordPress.  I have used this in the past and I consider it to be the most accurate plugin for generating related content from your current posts.  This not only generates content from your current website but also content from your blogroll / other websites you hold.

Interestingly this plugin not only shows content from your websites, it also shows content from other websites by using its patent pending technology.  nrelate algorithm analyses your website accurately and generates accurate content to your readers.

Features of nrelate Related Content

 – Display related posts before the post area or choose to display after the post area depending on your needs and settings

 – Widgetised support to display related content in the widget area

 – Short code support, use this feature to show related content in the post area or pages

 – Mix advertisement into your related content area

 – A range of gallery styles to show related content

 – Customise the style of the plugin

 – Advertising feature also available in this plugin

 – Earn extra money from this plugin

 – No over load on servers as all content processing is done on nrelate servers

 – Some amazing nrelate related content styles are – Bloginity style, LinkWithin style, Huffington Post style, Trendland style, Polaroid style, Text style and Engadget style

I hope this article helps you choose the best plugin for showing related content.  These Wordpress Plugins are the most trusted ones and in my opinion will be beneficial to the user.  If you feel there are other ones which could be considered, then why not post a comment for discussion.  Why not try check out the Top 8 WordPress security tips to secure your blog from attacks.

Author:  Navneet, Editor of Javamazon – Xbox Gadgets, Apps Reviews and Social Media. Follow him on Google+.