Uber Denied London Operating License

London’s main transport regulation agency, the TFL, denied Uber a license renewal to operate in the city today.

According to a statement just made by the TFL, which is in charge of London’s taxi services, said that Uber did not pass their standard requirements to hold an operator’s license in London. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/09/22/uber-denied-london-licence-huge-setback-app/


The TFL regulates all of the taxi and private hire workers in London. Their main responsibility is to help create and enforce strict standards and regulations that all taxi companies and private drivers must pass. Their ultimate aim is to ensure the safe transportation of London’s citizens.

Apparently, Uber was unable to meet the TFL’s strict standards and was not deemed fit by the regulatory agency to be safe enough to operate on London streets.

Why Uber Did Not Pass

TFL regulators stated that Uber failed to address certain issues which could diminish public safety and create security hazards.

The following list shows the specific issues that the TFL took offense with:

Not reporting criminal records

Improper medical certificates

Improper background checks

Not allowing London officials to gain access to the Uber app

Appeal Process

Uber is not totally banned from operating in London at this time as the London Private Vehicle Act of 1998 allows for companies and drivers to appeal any TFL decision within 21 days of it being issued. This means that Uber will continue to operate until its appeal has been reviewed and a decision made.

Expiration Date

On September 30, Uber’s London Operating License will officially expire. This means that Uber has until that time to begin the appeal process and pick up as many clients as possible before possible termination.

As of right now, approximately 3.5 million people in London use Uber’s services and roughly 40,000 drivers work for the company. If Uber is not allowed to operate in London, all those passengers will have to figure out other modes of transport and present driver will have to find other means of work.


Uber has been under investigation for some time now by the TFL. In fact, Uber’s operating license actually expired in May but was extended by the TFL while it considered whether or not to extend their license for another 5 years.

The TFL finally decided against renewal under heavy criticism from organizations like London’s Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA), which kept insisting that Uber’s company model was illegal, unsafe, and contributed to pollution, and rising congestion in England’s capital city.