Uber Rolls Out New Multiple-Stop Feature

Uber has been suffering from financial woes and bad press, but a recent new development with its app just might bring quite a few new riders on board. A new feature allows users to add multiple stops on a single trip. One reason people enjoy using Uber is the ridesharing service makes life very convenient for travelers. A few clicks on an app books a trip from point A to point B. Now, users can book a trip from point A to points B, C, and D.

One reason the new feature has been rolled out is to better accommodate people who travel in a group. With the new app feature, three people located at three different places don’t need to book three separate Uber rides or meet at one pickup location. They can all be picked up at their locations by the same Uber driver. All the person initiating the multiple stops has to do is type in the various addresses.

The simple app feature won’t cure all of Uber’s woes, but it does help in a rather simple way. Multiple stops add time and distance to the trip, which increases the cost of the fare. More revenue flows into Uber’s accounts as a result. Granted, the amount of money won’t drive profits into the extra billions but Uber surely wants to increase profit margins in as many ways as possible. Uber hasn’t exactly been earning record profits. One new profit-boosting feature surely will be appreciated.

The new feature should likely contribute to improved customer loyalty. While not everyone uses Uber, those who do sing its praises. Anything that further improves a customer’s experiences also enhances customer loyalty. Boosted loyalty means more consistent business.

The rollout of the new feature starts around Halloween of 2017. The timing is perfect since so many people travel together for Halloween parties and other events. The feature should prove popular during all holiday seasons.