Vector Pulls off Stunning Micro Rocket Launch

If at one time you ever dreamed of being an astronaut but gave it up due to the harsh truths of reality, have no fear. Spaceflight is probably one of the most thrilling things that a human being can do, and so precious humans are able to work their way through associated space programs to make it happen. That is why Vector, a private start up out of Tucson, AZ, has been working so hard to establish their own private spaceflight business. Recently, Vector announced the successful second launch of their micro-rocket exhibition. This could be a huge first step toward a new and booming industry.

Vector is seeking to make private spaceflight a reality but before they can do that the company will have to work out the kinks. Vector is focusing right now on their full scale prototype vehicle, the Vector-R. The Vector-R underwent its second test flight just this past week in order to see how far along the company has come. The Vector-R is a neat little mini-rocket in that it was specially designed to handle smaller than normal payloads. At peak capacity the Vector-R can move upwards of 145 pounds of payload into the lower portion of the Earth’s orbit. There is another rocket, this one larger, called the Vector-H as well. The Vector-H will seek to carry payloads nearing 350 pounds up and into the Earth’s orbit.

Vector is brash and focused and they know exactly what they want. Jim Cantrell is the CEO of Vector as well as the co-founder. He knows that there is a business in making rockets, but that isn’t what Vector wants to do. Instead, Vector is going to focus on these two rockets and use them as much as possible. Jim Cantrell says, “We hope to get these two vehicles running and milk the hell out of them.” Cantrell goes on to say that their goal is to get hundreds of launches to the atmosphere per year.

While all eyes are on SpaceX, Jim Cantrell and the team at Vector are making huge strides forward. Cantrell is one of the members of SpaceX’s original team of founders. He’s working directly with engineers from some of the largest companies on the planet — Boeing, Virgin Galactic and more. Vector has already raised more than $30 million in funding and the majority of that has come by way of potential customers.