Virtual Reality Gaming is Getting More Affordable with the Oculus Rift.

For years we have been waiting for the next shoe to drop in regards to gaming. The Nintendo Wii promised us that next step with motion activated gaming — something promptly copied by every other major console on the market. Still, fans weren’t ready to embrace this as the ultimate truth in gaming. People wanted more. Immersion was required and there was a real marketplace for anything that could offer a solution. This is when the Oculus Rift entered the fray and virtual reality was put on the table.

The Oculus Rift is a 3D gaming device that allows you to interact in an immersive gaming situation by wearing a VR headset and operating with specially designed controllers. You are able to enter into the world and truly experience gaming in an immersive way. Still, despite this amazing technology people were slow to get on board. The price was simply too high at nearly $599 per bundle. The team behind Oculus finally got the drift that their stuff was wanted, but too expensive and that is when the Oculus Summer Sale began.

Oculus chopped off nearly $200 from their bundle pack price point for the Rift Summer Sale which allowed new gamers to buy the console for a smooth $399. This brought a whole new life into the industry and the Oculus Rift is enjoying more buzz than it has ever had before. The sale is going on for another five weeks and gamers are going to want to get the console before it ends. Still, if you can’t afford it within that time frame we might have some good news: Oculus is going on a permanent price reduction.

After the Oculus Rift Summer Sale ends the price for the console will go back up — but not all the way to $599. Instead, Oculus has decided to permanently lower their price point down to just $499. This price reduced bundle features the Rift headset, a pair of sensors, the patented Touch controller, and copies to six different Rift exclusive games.

You don’t typically hear about a company reducing their price and then announcing another price reduction, but the Rift knows that they are in a special league of their own. Rumors are also abound that the Oculus Rift developers are working on a $200 bundle pack for release some time in 2018. We can’t wait to see what the future of VR gaming brings.