Vridge: Can Play Game VR Oculus Rift on PC with Google Cardboard

Oculus Rift support in the game will certainly be very tempting gamers who want to experience more real through VR. However, not all gamers can feel for the Oculus Rift price is still relatively expensive at present.
But gamers do not need to worry. Through a platform named VRidge, gamers can feel the gaming VR compatible with Oculus Rift without making the bag burst.

Developed by Riftcat, VRidge allow gamers to play games VR only with the help of Google Cardboard VR Viewer or other more affordable.

How it works is very simple. Users only need to install VRidge to a PC system, install VR game to be played, connect the smartphone to the PC via WiFi, then the game content will be streamed directly to a smartphone built on Google Cardboard.

VRidge is currently still in beta stage and will continue to be developed. If you’re curious to try it, VRidge can be downloaded for free at riftcat.com page.