Weekly Roundup | HTC One on Windows?



HTC One on Windows?

Rumour has it that HTC are creating a version of their One on Windows.  A picture has surfaced, of the HTC One with a Windows layout, so maybe the rumours are true…


YouTube for Sky Now TV

The Sky Now TV box has got that little bit better with the introduction of an official YouTube app.  The app has a great interface for both searching and browsing.  The downside to the new addition, is that the app is really slow when navigating, so you might want to use it whilst doing something else.


The New Action Cam has Arrived

The HDR-AS20 joins the Action Cam club, for all the thrill seekers out there in the US.  The new model comes packed with new features, including the SteadyShot, as well as having Zeiss Tessar lens and a 170 degree wide angle view.


BBM on Non BBs

It has been announced that Blackberry’s beloved Blackberry Messenger is rolling out over Windows phones.  It has been announced that it has finished the beta mode and will start to roll out across the platform.


New Samsung UHD TV

Samsung’s new 4k, curved frame TV is only curved part time.  Samsung announced it’s new TV which is “bendable”.  It goes from a straight flat panel of a TV, to a nice curved TV at the push of a button.


Flappy Bird’s Return

There is a return for the addictive game, but not quite as we may of imagined.  The return sees a change in title; “Flappy Birds Family”, in which you race in a multiplayer mode to try and beat your opponent to the finish line.  With the re-brand also comes a few other tweaks, however this game is exclusively available on the Amazon Fire TV.