Weekly Roundup | iPhone’s New Family Members


Round-upApple – The New Additions

If you haven’t heard about the new additions to the Apple family this week, where have you been?  In a previous article I spoke about the specifications of Apple’s new releases.  Apple have provided us with a range of new products; including the addition of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch; the first wearable device Apple have brought out.  Being a bit of a neutral on the Apple front, I can see both the pros and cons of the new phones.  They have fetched out some impressive features, however these features have been available on other devices for a while.  They have also increased the size of their devices, which in my opinion is a good thing, however they have definitely got a bit carried away with thist; especially with the 6 Plus.  Overall it looks like their wearable device is the most attractive item featuring in their release.


RIP Classic iPod

Whilst staying with Apple, they have also announced the end of their original iPod.  I remember the days where you had to rotate your finger on the front circular pad to scroll up and down.  However it looks like that is no more.  It looks as if the only remaining iPods are the Touch, Shuffle and the Nano.  RIP!


Netflix’s Chromecasting Serial Viewing

Being a bit of a Netflix-holic myself I understand the ease of serial series watching; going from episode to episode.  Well now this seems to be coming into play for the Chromecast.  This missing feature (which some may say is a good thing being missing) is coming out for both Android and iOS, as well as PC – That’s a few more hours in front of the TV for me!


iOS 8 Release Date

I do apologise if you aren’t an Apple fan, however it has been a big week for them.  As well as the additions of their new phones and watch, they have also brought out their new operating system; iOS 8.  The update will be available from the 17 September.  The update will include the NFC feature for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, interactive notifications, improved mail, third party keyboard support and much more.  Don’t listen to what we have to say – get it yourself next week and let us know what you think!

This week has been quite interesting on the technology front, especially for Apple.  So let us know what you think about everything on Twitter – @geeksnews0.