Weekly Roundup | Google Buys Design Firm


Round-upGoogle Buys Design Firm Gecko

Google are at it again; they have just purchased yet another company this one being the small design firm Gecko.  You may not have heard of Gecko themselves, but you’ve probably heard of some of the designs they’ve worked on, these include; Slingbox, One Laptop Per Child notebook and the original Fitbit.  It looks like Google are bringing them on board to make use of their brilliant and sleek design methods – maybe they could help improve the look of the Google Glass?


Amazon Phone Improvements

It looks as if the reaction to Amazon’s Fire Phone has pushed the big online retailer to do something to improve the phone.  Their first update to the system has brought with it; the multitasking feature (a necessity), folders, a pinning capability, camera improvements and battery improvements – all being well this update will improve the phone overall.  Test it yourselves and let us know what you think.


2015 Corvette Allows you to be a Little More Relaxed

Owning a Corvette and having to hand over the keys to somebody else is a daunting task, so Corvette have tried to come up with a solution for this.  They’ve installed what is known as “Valet Mode”, you are able to punch in a code which locks the glovebox and the storage bin in the center console and disables the infotainment system completely.  Not only this, a built-in camera films where the car goes, along with speed and RPM, whilst a microphone records what’s going on inside the car – now you can be a little less worried when handing over the keys.


ASUS Teasing a Smartwatch

After all of the rumours about ASUS developing a smartwatch, it looks as if these could well be true, with them releasing an image of what looks like a watch with the words “Time has been transformed and we have changed”.  It looks to be announced on the 3rd September 2014.


Are McDonalds Going to Release What we Want?

McDonalds seem to be starting to improve their digital efforts, by bringing in former Ticketmaster exec Julia Vander Ploeg.  They look to be offering a variety of music and entertainment experiences, improving their mobile website, developing games and my personal favourite piece of news –  releasing a global mobile ordering app.  Unfortunately nothing else has been said about this, but we’ll definitely keep an ear out for any other news.

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