Weekly Roundup | Roll Out of the iPhone’s and iOS 8


Round-upAnother Big Week for Apple

After last week’s big news for Apple fans, this week has seemed to be the same.  The first bit of news has seen the iPhone 6 and 6 plus roll out across the world, including the first man in Perth unboxing his iPhone 6 and dropping it – Quite unlucky really!

The other bit of big news from Apple is the release of iOS 8 which includes features such as:

  • The welcoming of third party keyboards
  • Manual camera controls for your camera
  • See which apps are using all of your battery power
  • RSS feeds within Safari
  • “Hey Siri” to open up Siri voice feature (Bit of a copy from “OK Google”)
  • Manually switch to desktop versions of websites within Safari
  • Medical IDs incase you have an emergency – Paramedics can find out your medical details easily

Unfortunately the new operating system seems to be taking up a lot of space; up to 7GB to be exact, depending on which model you have.  So this week has seen older iPhone customers deleting a lot of their music, photos and apps to make room for the new update.  This update has seen a huge mixture of responses; both positive and negative – some saying Apple is finally opening up to new features that it always said it wouldn’t do, others saying they are copying all of their features from the likes of Android and Windows phone.  Which ever way you look at the last couple of weeks for Apple, you can safely say it’s been a huge couple of weeks for them.


Whilst sticking with Apple, it seems as though they have strengthened their iCloud security after their recent event with the hacking of celeb’s accounts, revealing naked images of some big names.  Now when you go to log into iCloud, from a web browser, you are prompted for a code if you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple account.


Windows 9

Moving away from Apple; there has also been some exciting news from Microsoft, it looks as if they are preparing a big update for the Windows fans.  It looks as if the traditional desktop most PC users are familiar with, will be merging with the new Windows 8 layout to create the new Windows 9.  It looks as if the return of the start menu will be returning, Cortana the voice assistant will be introduced and a lot more.  Fingers crossed they capture the best bits from both operating systems.


Goodbye Phones4U

You’ve probably seen this one on every news channel and every front page; it looks as if it is goodbye for Phones4U.  After phone network giant; EE announced they were pulling their contract, Phones4U have announced they are going into administration.


Moto 360

It looks as if the Moto 360 is getting some really positive feedback.  Numerous independent reviewers have said this is their favourite smartwatch, taking into account features, style, price and battery life.  Also they seem to be flying off the shelves quicker than most of its competitors, so it seems the public agree.

Again, another huge week for Apple.  Mixed feedback; both positive and negative, so let us know what you think of it all, join the conversation, tweet us @geeksnews0.