Weekly Roundup | Moto 360 Release Date


Round-upMoto 360 Release Date Announcement

It looks like Motorola are hosting a launch event for the much anticipated Moto 360 Smartwatch in Chicago on the 4th September.  The very stylish looking watch is labelled as the best defense Google have against the iWatch.  After reading about this smartwatch, I am personally looking forward to the release and hope I can get my hands on one of these.


Pokémon Set to Arrive on the iPad

The much loved game franchise is coming to the iPad.  The good news is; there is an introduction of the game coming to the Apple device, the bad news is; the game coming to the iPad is the trading card game, not the Monster battling game.  After reading the news on TechCrunch they compared this to getting a Mars bar when what you want is a Snickers – I couln’t put it better myself, it’s good, but not quite what you wanted.


Cars May Know When You’re on the Phone Whilst Driving

A team from Santa Catarina State University, Brazil have come up with a piece of hardware that can detect when you are driving and on the phone at the same time.  This being said, the team haven’t put together a way of alerting the driver yet – so they are only half way there!


Facebook Working on a “Satire” Tag

Sometimes you as the reader might be able to tell what is true or not, however sometimes it’s hard to tell, cue the “satire” tag – It looks as if Facebook are currently testing the “satire” tag that will be able draw out the real news from the fake.


Windows Phone’s Answer to Snapchat

Having a Windows Phone myself, there is an annoyance of not being able to Snapchat my friends (without using an unofficial app).  However now there is “WindUp”.  An app with similar features and after playing around on it, I’ve got to admit, it is pretty good – So if you’ve got a Windows phone, give it ago.


Amazon’s Kindle Paperweight Upgrade

The Kindle Paperweight has recently doubled it’s internal storage from 2GB to 4GB.  A small improvement allowing you to store more of your book collection.