Weekly Roundup | The Moto 360 Is Here


Round-upWhat We’ve All Been Waiting For – The Moto 360 Has Arrived

In a recent article I mentioned the Moto 360 release date had been announced, a few weeks on and the day has finally arrived.  The very stylish and first round smartwatch is now available.  The only bad news, is that it won’t be arriving in the UK until early October, starting at £199, so here in the UK we still have to wait.  Motorola have also announced that they will be providing it with black and silver metallic straps later in the Autumn – I can’t wait!


Screen Sharing For Lumias

Microsoft have announced a new screen sharing tool for it’s Lumia devices.  Now having the ability to mirror your screen on to a TV using a HDMI port, whilst being able to support 1080p.  This device is expected to be available later this month.


Doodle on Your Facebook Messenger Photos

An update to the now “removed” Facebook Messenger app is competing against the much loved Snapchat.  A simple click of a button, before sending, will allow you to draw on your image.  This simple addition is currently only available on Android.


Apple’s September 9th Event is Nearly Upon us

For the iPhone fanboys out there, the event that you have been waiting for is nearly here, the closer we get to the 9th, the more about the event is leaked.  The latest rumour, is that there will be a one hand mode, to allow the bigger screens experience to run smoothly.


World’s First 5K Display

Most people haven’t even got a 4K display yet, some people haven’t even heard of a 4K display, however Dell’s 5K display is closing in on us.  The UltraSharp 27” Ultra HD 5K display is the world’s first with this resolution.  The dimensions are: 5,120 x 2,880, which weigh in at an easy 7x that of full HD.


Motorola’s New Releases

Along with the new Moto 360, Motorola have also released the new Moto X and Moto G.  The 2 new smartphones are well priced and are very nice on the eye.


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