Why NuoDB Cloud Computing Is Advantageous for Businesses

The Internet has revolutionized how business is done since instantaneous communications can now be enjoyed from anywhere on the planet at almost no cost. Communications services, such as text messaging, email, and video calls, have transformed the way the world operates. Computers can also communicate with each other directly through the Internet using programmatic means, and this has introduced new computing paradigms that make applications faster and more efficient. Businesses that utilize the Internet to its full capacity can increase the performance of their applications and help employees to get more work done.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Personal computers changed the world by giving everyone access to their own computing resources from home or the office. The Internet, however, transformed the computing paradigm again by connecting every computer together in a global network. In recent years, the Internet has become so fast that large files can be downloaded in only a couple of seconds. Many applications have, therefore, utilized the Internet to store data at remote facilities so that it can be downloaded in the future from anywhere in the world. Cloud computing means that data is stored at a remote facility and made accessible to authorized users on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers from anywhere.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Businesses have increasingly made use of cloud computing because it enables applications to share data between users, reduce the cost of storage, and even improve performance. Applications that store data in the cloud can authorize multiple users to view and modify this information to reduce redundancy and make ideas easier to share. Data stored in the cloud is inexpensive because application developers can leverage centralized facilities that offer enhanced efficiency and reliability while reducing costs. Cloud computing can even improve performance since resource-intensive processes can be completed in the cloud and downloaded to a user’s device.

Cloud Computing for Businesses

Many businesses use cloud applications because they are less expensive while offering a broader range of features compared to ordinary local software. Common business applications that operate from the cloud include accounting software, communications applications, and a wide variety of industry tools. Both large and small businesses can benefit from using cloud applications to enhance their performance.

Existing Database Management Systems

Growing businesses seeking to make use of cloud computing inevitably have to deal with the logistical challenges associated with scaling their systems. Unfortunately, many of the existing database management systems have significant disadvantages:

Traditional relational database management systems are easy to work with, but they offer poor performance when attempting to scale computing resources.
NoSQL attempts to make scaling easier, but this system is not durable or consistent.
NewSQL tries to be easy to work with and still enable high scalability. The problem is that NewSQL offers limited language support and is only practical for a very small range of applications.
Cloud databases, such as Amazon Aurora and Google Cloud SQL, can be a good option in some cases, but these offerings employ a wide range of tricks to make transferring to another provider difficult and expensive.


One solution that successfully bridges the limitations of the existing database management systems is NuoDB. Businesses that choose to use NuoDB never have to worry about vendors trying to lock them in, and NuoDB is highly compatible with a broad range of different platforms. NuoDB combines high scalability with durability and consistency so that businesses can increase or decrease their system resources at minimal cost. The advantages of NuoDB mean that businesses using this system will enjoy lower cost of ownership and higher rates of customer satisfaction.