Will Microsoft Show Scorpio Before E3? Xbox Boss Is Unsure



Xbox boss Phil Spencer answered a lot of fan questions today on Twitter. One of them had to do with the company’s highly anticipated Project Scorpio console.

Someone asked if Microsoft would show it off before E3, to which Spencer replied (via DualShockers), “Honestly not sure yet but I know people want this.”

Asked for a general status update regarding Project Scorpio, Spencer said he is “absolutely” happy with what he’s seeing so far. He added, “great that our first-party teams are getting engines up and tuned, great progress across studios, platform, and [hardware].”

Microsoft has time and again referred to Project Scorpio as the “most powerful console ever made,” so a premium price point is expected. Officially, pricing has not been announced. The console goes on sale in holiday 2017, though a specific release date has not been announced.

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Interestingly, Spencer said in June 2016 that Microsoft could have released a new, more powerful Xbox One that year. However, the company decided against it because it wanted to wait until it could deliver “true” 4K gaming with six teraflops of performance.

In other Scorpio news, Halo boss Frank O’Connor recently said that, while he’s unsure of Project Scorpio’s specifics specs, they are “beefier” than what he expected.