Windows Phone 8.1 Update Rolling Out

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1Being a Windows Phone fan myself and also having my own, I had to share this news.  You may have already been keeping an eye on what is happening in the world of Windows Phones and if so – I salute you!  Yesterday I personally received my 8.1 update and after reading up on it, it seems like the update is rolling out over all devices within the next week or so.  Looking at some of the really cool features on the update, I can happily say, it is like having a brand new phone and I am really pleased with it.

Action Centre

Scrolling down from wherever you are, you are given access to the new action centre, a hub for all notifications from apps, emails, etc.  You are also given shortcuts for things that you may occasionally use; bluetooth, flight mode, etc.  Overall quite a nice new addition.


A small but very nice feature is the updated calendar view.  Being able to see the calendar in more views and having additions of things like the weather.  It looks and feels fresher than ever.


Receiving the addition of a third column on your home screen, is just brilliant.  Being with windows phones for the past few years, seeing the introduction of customisable tiles, now being given a third column (yes I’m that easily pleased).  You can now see more at once and reduce the amount of scrolling you have to do. You are also greeted with the addition of backgrounds behind your tiles, which again looks really fresh and modern – a very nice looker!

Swipe Keyboard

This is my favourite feature within the new update.  You are given the option to use the Swipe Keyboard.  You are able to swipe along yours keys, typing as you go.  A very intelligent design and very clever – it seems to be faultless.  It makes messaging and emailing 10x quicker and actually quite fun.

Much, Much More

These are just my favourites and the ones that stand out for me, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new 8.1 update.  Wherever you look on the phone, you can see new features everywhere, including new camera features, new search features, contacts, app store, internet browser and much more.  The whole phone feels new.


The long anticipated Cortana is hopefully going to be rolled out in the coming weeks.  After reading a few articles and looking around it seems to only be available in the US at the moment.  There are ways to get it in other countries, but without changing regional settings, you can only get it in the US. Cortana is Windows answer to Siri and by the looks of it they have blown Siri straight out the water.  The film “Her” comes to mind.   To read more about the new Windows Phone update and for a complete list of new and improved features, click here.