Yeayy! Now Whatsapp its totally free!

WhatsApp seems to have become the application that must be installed all smartphone users. Instead of getting a very large influx of users, this application it is now removing a subscription fee.

Of course this is good news for millions of users WhatsApp worldwide. In fact, if you think about it the cost of the subscription of this application is not expensive, only US $ 1 only per year (each country a different rate), after the first year is free.

Certainty about the abolition of the subscription system is informed of the official blog WhatsApp, Tuesday (19/01/2015), which mentions it for the next few weeks will eliminate the cost of all platforms.

“Over the years we have always asked for a fee for a subscription fee. As the growth of this application, we found that this achievement is not going well. Many WhatsApp users who do not have credit cards and they are worried about losing access to friends and family after the first year, “the question of the WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO revealed that by removing the subscription fee it would be able to get more latest subscriber numbers, especially in developing countries like India and Brazil.

“We have done a good thing for the benefit of consumers. But there is another aspect of communication that must be met, namely communication with the business. For people in India and Brazil will be difficult for them to pay because they do not have a credit card or other infrastructure to pay, “he explained in an interview conducted Wired.

The business purpose of WhatsApp today is matching the number of Facebook users has reached 1.2 billion users. Just to its business model later, Koum rejected the conventional advertising models such as Facebook.

Some time ago, WhatsApp reported revenue from user subscription costs just US $ 15 million in the first quarter of 2014. During that period, the company lost revenues of approximately US $ 250 million.


Although not as good as its financial achievements of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, still cautioned that WhatsApp parties remain patient in getting money. According to him, Facebook had experienced the same thing in 2006 and 2007.

Now, with this news of course you’ve no need to worry anymore for credit card bills to pay subscription fees WhatsApp. Welcome together we plays WhatsApp (is free)!